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My 10-Point Pledge: Point #1

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Starting today, I will be rolling out my 10-Point Pledge to the citizens of Conecuh & Monroe Counties. On each of 10 upcoming business days, from today through March 15, I will cover one point out the pledge.

This is Point 1 of my 10-Point pledge, my contract with you. I pledge to implement a new philosophy in the District Attorney's office from a 'do nothing' mentality to a call to action.

This strikes at the heart as to why I am running. The lack of accountability to the citizens of Conecuh and Monroe counties by allowing criminal cases to pile up and get to the point of a serious back-log, is not acceptable. My pledge to you that if elected your next District Attorney that I will be pro-active in reviewing and prosecuting cases, and my office will answer the call to action that so many of you desire. I would be honored to lead that charge.

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