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Who Knew What & When

This afternoon, my opponent posted a message on his campaign’s Facebook page responding to concerns that have been raised about our circuit’s backlog of criminal cases. Here is my response:


It is interesting that my opponent for District Attorney of Conecuh and Monroe counties, Mr. Watson, said that these problems within the District Attorney’s office of criminal case backlogs, including murder cases, have been brought to his attention by the “voting public.”

So, that begs the question, “Why didn’t Mr. Watson know these issues were valid complaints and have been negatively affecting the court system in Conecuh and Monroe counties before somebody outside of his own office brought it up to him?” Either he knew this was a problem and didn't fix it, or he wasn't aware of the problem. I don't know which is worse!

Notice that he said “the voting public,” not citizens of Conecuh and Monroe counties. It is obvious that obtaining votes and getting elected is very high on his priority list.

Isn’t it strange how politicians seem to want to fix issues during election year? Why would residents of our community think that what has been going on for years will magically stop or get better? Do you really believe things will change with the same administration?

Mr. Watson is correct when he said that the back log of cases did not start with the pandemic, so why were they allowed to pile up pre-pandemic like they did? These problems have been plaguing our counties for much longer than the last 2 years. This is a systemic problem that is unique to this office and it is past time for a change in leadership.

This is a complete and utter failure of the Conecuh and Monroe County District Attorney’s office. As tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, we deserve our government to work for us and complete their tasks in even under the most difficult circumstances.

We are tired of being asked for more chances and being sold empty promises with little to no results.

I humbly ask that you stand with me and join my campaign for District Attorney of Conecuh and Monroe counties. The time for change is now!

God Bless You, and please vote for me in the May 24 Democratic Primary.

Bob McMillan

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